I am a social anthropologist with research interests in visual anthropology, material culture, museum anthropology, and digital anthropology on the one hand, and environmental anthropology on the other.

I did my masters in cultural studies, Indian studies, and philosophy at Leipzig and Zurich University. After finishing my masters with a thesis on Indian diaspora in Leipzig, I worked for nearly 3 years with the South Asian and the educational department at Leipzig's Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde (Ethnographic Museum).
I consequently did my PhD in social anthropology and Indian studies at Munich University under Prof. Heidemann, which took me to Kerala to research a collection of South Indian photographs and objects from the 1920s, which were originally collected/shot by a German racial anthropologist.
From 2013 on I taught at the institute for social anthropology at Leipzig University and German as a second language at Anhalt University.

Since 2015 I work as a researcher and research coordinator at the Center for Interdisciplinary Area Studies (ZIRS) at Halle University.
I am a research assistant/partner investigator at University of Technology Sydney since 2014, and was a research fellow at University College London’s Centre for Digital Anthropology in 2017.

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